Meet Kiana Cross : An Inspiring Indigenous Artist

When she’s not busy creating amazing music, Indigenous artist, Kiana Cross, (also known as DJ Poptrt) spends her time performing ancient rituals that she was taught since she was a child.

From the sacred origins of smudging to the mindful use of tools and resources embedded within Indigenous culture, Sageful is delighted to share moments from the inspiring space of conversation with Kiana, where we learn more about her cultural heritage, and gain in depth knowledge about her community’s ancient tradition of burning sage.

“Different cultures give thanks to the creator (God, the Universe), motherly earth, winds and waters. To cleanse yourself, it is said to guide the sage’s smoke over your eyes to see properly, then over your head taking more of the smoke from the medicine to clear your thoughts, then moving down to your body, shoulders and bottoms of your feet so that you're grounded,” Kiana shares.

With a career that constantly requires her to interact with the public, Kiana is very absorbent to other people’s energy and embraces the burning of Sage as a sacred part of her daily routine to grace off all the energies picked up throughout the day.

“The best feeling ever is burning sage right before bed, as part of my night time self care ritual. It brings mental clarity and provides a sense of calmness and relief,” she shares with Sageful.

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