How do I sage?
  • Start by opening any windows to let out negative energy.  Continue by lighting the sage stick and letting it burn for about 20 seconds, gently blow out the flame. Set an intention in mind that you wish to manifest. Purify a room by directing the sage clockwise on the walls, corners and floors, spreading the smoke out towards the door to release any bad energy. Finally, sage yourself by slowly guiding the smoke around your body starting from your toes to your head.

 What are the benefits of sage burning?

  • Sage helps cleanse out negative energy from your home and attract positivity into your life. The smoke also helps boost your mood and replace feelings of stress with thoughts of peace and serenity. Sage has a natural fragrance that leaves your home smelling fresh and clean.

 What's the difference between white sage & blue sage?

  • Both are amazing! White sage helps to clear energies and auras, and makes way for a clean slate for good vibes! Blue Sage is similar to white sage,  but also helps to welcome healing, wealth and abundance into your life.

 How often is it recommended to sage?

  •   There is no specific schedule when it comes to sage burning.  It's something you can do whenever you want to feel a little more relaxed and more at peace. 

  When is it best to sage?

  • If you’re feeling stuck, under the weather and a sense of negativity, sage burning helps you clear this energy and start a fresh one!
  • When you're going through big changes in your life, such as moving into a new home,  starting a new job or going through a breakup.
  • It's definitely useful when you’re feeling down or anxious, it helps bring a sense of calmness by lifting up your mood.

 Can you reuse your sage stick?

  • Of course! You can use the same stick more than once. How much you use depends on the size of your space. 

What to do once you're finished?  

  • Once you’re done with the sage stick, make sure there are no ashes still burning and store it away until your next sage burning.

 How long does delivery take ?

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