Why It’s Important to Make Sure Your Sage Is Organic. For you, and for the planet.

There is a divine practice that dates centuries when burning sage which is even believed to hold the power to invoke the ancestral world. As one of nature’s healing herbs, when sage is burned, it releases negative ions that trigger a sense of peace, positivity, and enlightenment. This change in ionic composition does wonders for relaxing our stress response and is even scientifically proven to clear the air of unwanted bacteria. 

But imagine having all these remarkable benefits, right at the tip of your fingers, swooshing the purifying mist all around you — and yet, it is full of toxic chemicals.

Sageful is proud to be one of the only companies to offer Certified-Organic Sage, with full transparency of how and where their products are sourced. Harvested from an idyllic 40-acre ranch in the high desert of San Diego County, Sageful ensures their sage is cultivated and sustained without further damage to the environment. That includes no fungicides or pesticides of any kind, as well as paying conscious attention to over harvesting.

“Sourcing organic sage is not only at the core of Sageful’s promise to sustainability but is also an important part of respecting the ancient origins of sage which is deeply rooted in the relationship between human and nature,” says Natalie Hairabedian, co-Founder of Sageful.

​​With certification from both the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) Sageful sources its sage from the only certified organic growers of White Sage in the United States. Even more, the cord packaging is made from organic hemp, also making it sustainable and biodegradable.

“Sageful strives to stay true to the integrity of nature in every step of the process,” shares Jeannine Balabanian, co-Founder of Sageful. “We are true believers in building a community that can benefit from the amazing resources our planet offers, without compromising it.”

You can purchase your certified-organic sage, here.