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How do I sage? Start by opening any windows to let out negative energy.  Continue by lighting the sage stick and letting it burn for about 20 seconds, gently blow out the flame. Set an intention in mind that you wish to manifest. Purify a room by directing the sage clockwise on the walls, corners and floors, spreading the smoke out towards the door to release any bad energy. Finally, sage yourself by slowly guiding the smoke around your body starting from your toes to your head.  What are the benefits of sage burning? Sage helps cleanse out negative energy from your home and attract positivity into your life. The smoke also helps boost your mood and replace feelings of...

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Our Story

Full disclosure: We can't begin to count how many sage sticks we tried until we found some we loved! Like so many other people out there, this year had us feeling overwhelmed and mentally and emotionally drained.  Together, we decided to search for a ritual or a fun activity that wouldn't take up much of our day but that would lift our spirits and spread positivity. That's when Sageful was created; a daily ritual that clears all energies and welcomes calmness into your life. We were both so excited to share this same feeling of positivity with everyone around us. Setting an intention before an energetic clearing is everything with this ritual! Following that, we physically guide the sage’s smoke...

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