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Meet Kiana Cross : An Inspiring Indigenous Artist

When she’s not busy creating amazing music, Indigenous artist, Kiana Cross, (also known as DJ Poptrt) spends her time performing ancient rituals that she was taught since she was a child. From the sacred origins of smudging to the mindful use of tools and resources embedded within Indigenous culture, Sageful is delighted to share moments from the inspiring space of conversation with Kiana, where we learn more about her cultural heritage, and gain in depth knowledge about her community’s ancient tradition of burning sage. “Different cultures give thanks to the creator (God, the Universe), motherly earth, winds and waters. To cleanse yourself, it is said to guide the sage’s smoke over your eyes to see properly, then over your head...


Cultural Appreciation

Cultural Appreciation of the Indigenous Peoples: Sageful is committed to informing our community on the origins of sage and ensuring we’re practicing in a way that honors and respects traditions.  Did you know… Indigenous peoples have used sage as part of a sacred religious ceremonial practice for centuries, called smudging. Often performed by a spiritual leader, sage is burned during this ceremony with the purpose of cleansing and purifying a space or a person.   Prior to 1978, Indigenous people were not permitted to burn sage as it was illegal. This act frequently resulted in severe consequences. The Indigenous peoples have been through immense hardships to have the ability to practice their religion and traditions freely.  Sageful stands alongside the Indigenous...



 How do I use Sageful? We encourage you to do whatever intuitively feels right for you, but here is the recommended Sageful moment:  Prepare the room. Open the windows to release any stagnant energy. Quiet your mind, close your eyes and focus on an intention, manifestation or positive energy.  Light the sage stick, allowing it to burn for about 20 seconds and gently blowing out the flame. Purify your surroundings by gently guiding the sage clockwise on the walls, corners and floors, spreading the smoke out towards the exits.  Sage yourself by slowly guiding the smoke around your body, starting from your toes to the crown of your head.  Allow the sage to slowly and safely burn out naturally.  What...