Our Story

We believe in channeling peace and positivity, together.

We are Sageful: a female founded, Montreal-based wellness company providing access to daily grounding practices such as intention setting, mindfulness, and meditation. Additionally, we stand behind the protection and safety of wildlife by sourcing our plants from a mountainous region in California where all animals are welcome. 

Sageful honours and celebrates the sacred origins of energy cleansing rituals. Through our research we’ve discovered that Sage has been used for centuries, dating all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and Romans who used it to treat digestive issues and other ailments. Indigenous cultures use sage as sacred ceremonial practice called smudging. Sageful is committed to informing our community on the origins of sage and ensuring we’re practicing in a way that honours the origins and respects traditions.

We encourage everyone to develop their own daily Sageful moment of gratitude and spiritual grounding, while keeping in mind the sacred beginnings of the rituals. 

A Sageful experience begins by setting an intention. Following that, we physically guide the sage’s smoke around our body and throughout our home while keeping our intention in mind. We usually prefer to sage first thing in the morning, setting the right tone for the day.

Take a Sageful moment for yourself.